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Unfortunately, it’s been some time some time since I submitted any information to this website regarding the Continuum’s activities. It’s been a busy time between work, family, even running the Continuum. Nevertheless, it is important to keep our membership and the general public aware of what we have going on. And the best way to rectify that is just to rectify it: start making posts again.


I. Recent changes in the Command Staff

I’ve recently asked Peter Arce to serve as our Second Officer and Christina Tuttle to serve as Counselor. For the first time this year, we now have a full Command Department. The five of us — myself, XO Peggy Moshell, CFO Mark Wright, Peter, and Christina — will be meeting in the near future to get an idea of where we’re looking to take the Continuum throughout the remainder of 2014 and on into 2015.


II. Damage to the Captain’s Chair

It was bound to happen sooner or later. In fact, I’m a little surprised it hasn’t happened sooner with all the many people that sit in our Captain’s Chair and bounce around in it like it’s completely unbreakable.  Don’t get me wrong — our Captain’s Chair is made out of some very sturdy wood, and some of the recent improvements we’ve made to it help keep it accident-free.  But we still cringe every now-and-again with some of the abuse it receives from some.  But, ironically enough, the damage it received at this year’s Mobicon didn’t come from someone sitting in it, but from an accidental misstep when we were taking it down. Repairs are now underway, and we hope to have everything back to normal by this time next month.




We’ve started taking the Captain’s Chair to other conventions outside of the Pensacola area. Not only were we at Mobicon this year, helping out the Mobile chapter USS Jubilee, but we were also at ALT Con in Tallahassee a few months back and look forward to attending other conventions along the Gulf Coast in the near future. As funding and our planning improves, we hope to extend the area and attend even more conventions throughout the Southeast United States.


III. Paracon

The Continuum will be Paracon once again this year.  Come by our table for a chance to find out more about our organization, get your picture taken in the Captain’s Chair, and check out some of the Star Trek Playmates collectibles that you can win.


IV. Manna Food Donations

Back in April, Pensacola suffered from some extensive thunderstorms. While many areas remained unaffected (except for having a lot of rain), a few parts suffered from flooding and other water damage. One such community service organization that was hit extremely hard was Manna Food Pantries which lost all of their non-perishable food items.

Months have passed, and for a lot of us that weren’t hurt by the storm, it’s very easy to forget that there ever was a storm. Life has returned to normal. And while there has been a considerable amount of community support after the storm, Manna Food Pantries still hasn’t completely recovered from what they lost.

The Continuum was happy to be involved with Heroes for Hunger: Benefit for Manna Food Pantries last May, and we are continuing our efforts to raise funds for this important charity. Starting in April, we have donated $105 and will continue to raise money until the end of August. I, personally, encourage all of our members, as well as the general public, to continue to donate so Manna can “leave no one unfed.”


V. Social activities

Plans are in the works for various social activities: quarterly parties, movie showings (namely Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Hercules, Lucy, and Guardians of the Galaxy all within the next month), Star Trek viewings starting up once again, and gaming events.  Keep checking out our website for future happenings.

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Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.
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