Captain’s Log: Upcoming Happenings for the USS Continuum
Captain’s Log: Upcoming Happenings for the USS Continuum avatar

The crew discussing upcoming events at the July 11 2018 ship meeting at PoFolks

The crew discussing upcoming events at the July 11, 2018, ship meeting at PoFolks.

Okay, obviously, I can be terrible at making frequent log entries. 

It’s been a while since I’ve reported here as to what the Continuum has been doing.  And I’ll be honest: in the last couple of months, we’ve been a little break from major activities.  We’ve kept up with our meetings and our “Dinners at Ten Forward” monthly social but little else. 

But that’s about to change.

Our schedule for the first part of the year is always extremely hectic, but 2018 has already given us some very unique opportunities!  From our new display, “the Guardian of Forever,” being revealed at the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport… to helping at UWF’s Innovation Institute’s “Evening with Robert Picardo” right before Pensacon… to this year’s Costume Bowl raising over $1,500 in proceeds to Manna Food Pantries and Gulf Coast Kid’s House.  And our membership has grown in the process.  A few people come back to our ranks after being gone for awhile while new faces have joined us for the first time!

So what’s coming up for the USS Continuum?

    1. Social events.  A gaming night with the USS Harry Mudd is coming up this Sunday.  A “Star Trek Viewing” will take place later in the month.  As autumn approaches, we’ll be playing putt-putt golf wearing Starfleet uniforms (something we haven’t done in quite awhile) and bowling.  
    2. Display upgrades.  We absolutely love bringing our displays to various conventions and other public venues to celebrate Star Trek!  And we know you love them too — whether it’s taking command in Captain Kirk’s chair, plotting a new course at the Helm/Navigation console, beaming aboard with the Transporter, and examining the timeline with the Guardian of Forever!  (In fact, we’re hoping to bring these to other areas in the upcoming future so more fans can enjoy them too!)  But we’d like to make these displays even cooler by adding more electronics and making them more screen accurate, and that’s where we’re going to need your help!  We’re still working out some of the details of our proposal, but we’re hoping you, our fellow Trek fans, will join us in supporting this endeavor in the near future.
    3. Cosplays.  We remain committed to helping people with various Trek cosplays — common Starfleet uniforms and otherwise — and hoping to have new ones featured in the upcoming months.  

And that’s just the beginning.  The Continuum is always moving ahead, growing, always looking for new opportunities to be involved, and always looking for new members to join us!

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