Captain’s Log: August 2015
Captain’s Log: August 2015 avatar

It’s been a busy summer, Jay_CaptChair_TOScrew
and there have been a few changes here at the Continuum that I’d like to make everyone aware of.

For the past several months, our members have been discussing fundraising efforts.  We have a lot of necessary expenses and have long-since been wanting to spend more of what we raise on our member, such as helping our members get Star Trek uniforms and other costumes, helping them with travel expenses to conventions, and building and maintaining our displays.  Those things highlight our creativity and talents and encourage others to be involved.

And so, just this last month, we voted to raise our dues to $5 a month, plus $1 for each additional member of the same household.  Other fundraisers used (i.e., donations from conventions) will be spent on these special projects for our members. Now, we realize that’s quite a jump from our previous dues of $12 a year.  Anytime we raise prices, there’s a chance people could decide to leave.  But not having goals or not providing something a bit unique people that they can’t find anywhere else can also discourage people from joining and sticking around.  So we feel this right decision for us to do. We have a vision to make the Continuum the best it can possibly be. However, those that joined when the dues were only $12 plus $2 for each additional member of the same house
hold are “grandfathered in” until their membership comes up for renewal.

Also earlier this month: the Continuum had a great time at the Pensacola Comic Convention, August 8-9.  Many thanks to the members who helped me run our table: Peggy Moshell, Mark Wright, Christina Tuttle, and Paul Jacobs.  We made a few changes there that we hope many of you will find of interest.  The most obvious being the addition of the green screen behind our Captain’s Chair that’ll allow us to have bridge pics photoshopped in.  Check out the finished products found here.

We’ve also upgraded our speakers to the Chair, thanks to Chris Cazalet, which take up less room and have better quality sound.  And our display boards have been replaced with moving Prezi display, featuring photos and text about the Continuum.  All changes seem to have worked very well, and we hope to be using them in the future.

And finally, now that the convention is behind us, we’re looking forward to doing more costume and display-creation workshops.  Keep checking back at our website for future dates. I’ve also been talking with the Parjai Squad about Costume Bowl II, which we’re planning for April 2016. We’ll be doing our first meeting very shortly; look for more information to be coming soon.

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