Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.

Yuri's Night Pensacola!
Yuri's Night Pensacola! avatar

On Friday, April 9, 6 to 10 p.m., at the PJC Planetarium, the Continuum along with the Escambia Amateur Astronomers Association will host Yuri’s Night Pensacola, a free event that’s open to the public.

Named after the first human in space, Yuri’s Night: World Space Party has been celebrated annually ever since 2001. However, this will be the first year the event has come to Pensacola.

YNP 2010 will feature:

1. Planetarium shows. The theater has recently gone through some upgrades, and if you’ve never seen a Planetarium show… or even if you have… this is a perfect opportunity to be amazed!

2. Telescopes to view the heavens (weather permitting, of course), provided by members of the EAAA.

3. Various displays and videos on space exploration.

4. Information about the EAAA and the USS Continuum.

5. Costumes. ALL attendees are strongly encouraged to wear sci-fi costumes or space-related clothing.

6. PARTY!!! The ultimate goal of Yuri’s Night as we celebrate humanity’s achievements in space past, present, and future.

For more information, contact me, Jay Gallops. Also, be a part of the discussion on Facebook,
, and Twitter. And keep checking back to the Continuum website for more updates.

Festival on the Green – March 26 & 27
Festival on the Green – March 26 & 27 avatar

On March 26 & 27, the Continuum will once again participate in UWF’s Festival on the Green.

Last year was our first time at this event. We became involved through the efforts of Sharon Bogart, and were stationed outside at the John C. Pace Library, right next to the Amateur Astronomers. We were only there for the Saturday, busy promoting the group and a Planetarium event — an event that, unfortunately, had to be cancelled due to some technical problems outside of our control. But we still had fun and have been looking forward to FOG 2010 for some time now.

For this year, a few things are different, a few things are the same. Last year’s Star Trek film became a huge success! We now have a Captain’s Chair. And we’ve gained some new members. All of which will make FOG 2010 better for us!

On March 3, I, along with Chris Hammonds and Connie Fleming, met with Jeff Comeau and other FOG planners. We will be inside the new School of Science & Engineering complex , which had its grand opening this last February. We are sure to see a fair amount of traffic as Continuum members in Star Trek uniforms and costumes guide visitors in the building showcasing the robotics lab, the AI lab, and the “Holodeck” 3-D virtual reality simulator.

The Captain’s Chair will also be available. For the first time, we will have a backdrop that will feature a projected image of the bridge stations behind the chair. As we did at the movie premier, we’ll be taking pictures of those taking the center seat.

We also intend to be present for both days this year. Hours for Festival on the Green are from 1 to 4 p.m. on Friday the 26th and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday the 27th.

As for what’s the same, we’ll still be promoting a Planetarium Event. This time it’s “Yuri’s Night Pensacola” on April 9. (Hopefully, we’ll have much better luck this go-round 🙂 ). And we’re sure to have fun talking to potential members all about the exciting things going on with the USS Continuum.

Another good reason to join our fine organization
Another good reason to join our fine organization avatar

I received a letter in the mail last Thursday from Brad Larsen, Business Development Officer for Pen Air Federal Credit Union. Not only has the Continuum been approved for membership, all of our members and their immediate families are eligible to open accounts. Simply go by a PAFCU branch to speak with a respresentative, and they’ll help you get started.

Welcome to the Bridge!
Welcome to the Bridge! avatar

Seeing how this is my first post to this blog, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you what it’s all about. “Captain’s Log” will be an opportunity for me, as the CO of the USS Continuum, to tell you what’s going on behind-the-scenes in our organization. It’ll be a chance for me to offer my opinion on topics relating to the ship, Region 2, STARFLEET, Star Trek, and science fiction, in general. I may even address questions and concerns by both our members and by the public, when necessary.

It’s no joke when I tell you that, as Commanding Officer, I’m busy just about every day with matters relating to the Continuum or STARFLEET. That’s not just me being a “Trek geek” who can’t put his work down. That’s me wanting this chapter to be the best: constantly moving forward, constantly growing, constantly showing the public that we really are a lot of fun and we can do some amazing things for our community.

I set out with three goals for 2010. First, I wanted us to be more active in community service. Second, I wanted us to have a greater public presence (namely for recruiting purposes). And third, I wanted us to be more involved with our parent organization, STARFLEET, and with Region 2. In doing those three, however, I don’t want us to lose sight of our being a social group; we’ll occasionally do things “just for fun.”

I’m happy to say all three of my goals are “on track.” Although we haven’t accomplished them yet, and there are probably still a million-a-one things that can take us off course, plans are already in the works to make those goals a reality. For the first goal, we’re planning to help with the Great American Cleanup, Toys for Tots, the Ronald McDonald House, FCAT tutoring, and others. For the second, we’re making plans for Yuri’s Night 2010, Festival on the Green and for local conventions. For the third, there’s the Region 2 Summit (where I’ll personally be hosting a panel on recruiting), and we’ll be making a greater emphasis on STARFLEET Academy and on the STARFLEET Individual Awards.

With all that in mind, I don’t think there’s ever been a greater time to become a member of the USS Continuum and to be involved with our organization. We’ve always been a group that’s run by our members: they’re the ones who bring up the ideas as to what we want to do and help make it happen. And from the looks of it, I feel great things are going to be happening in 2010!

The "Great American Cleanup" is coming!
The "Great American Cleanup" is coming! avatar

From March to May, millions of people across this nation will take a part in “The Great American Cleanup,” a program of Keep America Beautiful. Volunteers pick up trash, organize recycling drives, plant trees, and do other projects to keep this country looking great!

The Continuum will be involved with GAC in two ways:

1) We plan to be at Pensacola’s Great American Cleanup Kick-off event on March 20 at the Hawkshaw Memorial, organized by Clean & Green.

2) From March to May, we’re asking people to submit photos on how they’re cleaning up. No matter how big the group (even if it’s just a single worker)… no matter how long they spend in a day cleaning up… no matter what the location. We’re wanting pictures as to who was involved, where they were, and what they did. Send them to blsisko@yahoo.com.

We’re looking to have this site covered, showing how we’re cleaning up!