First Impression: The Walking Dead
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Flat out excellent, baby! I have been touting this to friends, family, pretty much anyone I ran into for the past few weeks. Even while trying not to watch too much about it. The few things I had seen had looked good, and it seemed that comic series creator Robert Kirkman was having a lot of say in the screen adaptation, so that was enough for me. If director Frank Darabont (maker of the not-that-great The Mist and the magnificent The Shawshank Redemption) could transfer Kirkman’s tale to the small screen without too much medium distortion…

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DS9 Continued…
DS9 Continued… avatar

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Avatar, Books One and Two

Written by SD Perry

A Book Review

Rating: 4 Stars (out of Five)

Stephani Danelle Perry, in case you were wondering what the SD stood for, has written in various sf Universes, from Alien to Resident Evil, and even delved into the novelization, supplying the companion novels to the films Timecop and Virus. I admit to neverr having read any of these and never having heard of her at all until she moved into the realm of Star Trek. She wrote the books we are talking about here, helming, as it were, the DS9 relaunch. Set after the series finale, What You Leave Behind, these two novels set the stage for the continuing story of Deep Space Nine after Odo and The Sisko departed.

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