Welcome aboard!
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We are Northwest Florida’s Premier Star Trek and sci-fi fan organization!

As a chapter of STARFLEET, we are open to ALL types of sci-fi fans who like to meet together — in person and online — and play games, work on costumes and other displays, be involved in community service, study science, watch movies, plans events, and enjoy each other’s company!

All events listed on the “Calendar” page are open to the public. To contact any of the Continuum’s Command Staff, please check out the “Members” page.

The USS Continuum’s Amazon Store
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For those of you who are not aware: the Continuum has its own Amazon Store. ¬†And they’re more just Star Trek¬†here! ¬†You can also get memorabilia from¬†Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and DC Comics, real-life science, and more — all categorized for easy viewing. ¬†This store is frequently updated, so keep checking back for new items. ¬†Just click on the “Amazon Store” link above or go here¬†and support the USS Continuum today!

Away Mission Kits!
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U.S.S. Continuum now has Away Mission Kits!

After a short discussion on Saturday‚Äôs Festival on the Green, we‚Äôve developed and created away mission kits.¬† The command currently has 3 kits available for check out or you may create your own.¬† All items in the command kits are purchasable at Dollar Tree ‚Äď Everything‚Äôs a Dollar.¬† We got most item at the 29 North Dollar Tree and the rest was picked up at the 9th Avenue one.¬† The great thing about shopping there ‚Äď it was all relatively inexpensive to create the kits.¬† On Saturday we spent a little over $22.00 dollars.¬† Today, to finish the kits, I spent another $8.00.¬† That means that an average kit costs $10.00 to make, including container.

Some items we did divide among the 3 kits so if you make one for yourself, your cost might be a little more as the expenses would not be shared among 3 kits and if you make your purchases somewhere else, the items may be more.

The kits are currently in the Yeoman’s hands, but will be distributed for caretaking in the following manner:

  1. Kit #1: The Captain’s Kit.  This kit will be permanently assigned to the Captain and can be checked out from him or her if he or she is not already going to the same event.  Currently this is Fleet Captain Jay Gallops.
  2. Kit #2: The Yeoman’s Kit.  As the Cleric/Administrative Assistant to the Captain and thus supposed to be at all functions he or she goes to, plus ones he or she can’t make, the second kit will be assigned to the Yeoman.  This kit can be checked out directly from the Yeoman if you are going to an event and the Yeoman is not.  Currently this is Ensign Luci Smith.
  3. Kit #3: The General Command Kit.  This kit will be randomly assigned to a regular crew member who is currently being active.  Currently that assignment is being passed to Crewman Recruit Orey Kimbler because she has been fairly active and is dependable.  Command may decide to assign it to someone else at any time.  Check with the Yeoman to find out who is currently in possession of it.

If you check out a kit, please return it to the Yeoman at the next get together or meeting and NOT the person you checked it out from (unless you checked it out from the Yeoman).  The Yeoman will make sure everything is accounted for, is in good working order, and will repair or replace as necessary before redistributing to the appropriate caretaker.


Included in the Command Away Kits:

  • Rubber bands – generally useful
  • Double Sided Tape – for tacking things down quickly in a controlled manner
  • Sewing Kit – wardrobe malfunctions + safety pins & straight pins can be utilized to control tablecloths & display boards
  • Binder Clips – hold tablecloths to tables (some – may not fit all tables)
  • Small Bungie Cords – multiple uses – main use – Continuum banner
  • Velcro Straps – multiple uses – main use – Continuum banner
  • Super Glue – things fall off display boards from time to time.
  • Latex-Free Bandaids – ALWAYS latex-free.¬† Prevents someone with an allergy from having a reaction + the more someone is exposed to latex, the higher the chance they will develop the allergy to it.¬† Prevention is a good thing.
  • Alcohol Swabs – clean wound before bandaiding it.
  • Scissors – multiple uses
  • Tablecloth Runner – Help hold down tablecloths & looks good doing it.
  • Tablecloth Runner¬† Weights – place 6 on each side to give tablecloth runner enough weight to hold it and tablecloth down


You may also create a kit of your own.  On the documents page you can find a complete list of the basic kit and a list of things to consider for an advanced kit.  If you create one of your own, the command will not reimburse you the cost.  We have 3 that you may check out for command functions if the Captain, Yeoman, and/or Crewman are not attending.

Basic Kit

Basic Kit Ingredients

The above is a picture of a completed basic kit out of the box.  Below is a picture of a completed basic kit in the box.

Packed Basic Kit

Packed Basic Kit


The Command Kits also include Tablecloth Runner and Weights, the following two pictures show the basic kit with the table runner beside it and then rolled and added to the kit:  (Not shown Рtablerunner weights.  Use medium Рlarge clear/blue glass beads, 6 per side of the tablecloth runner.)

Basic Kit before being turned into Command Kit

Basic Kit before being turned into Command Kit


General Command Kit

General Command Kit


Festival on the Green – 2013
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We had a wonderful day out at UWF at the Festival on the Green.¬† We have a lot of photos from today’s excursion.

Crew out today:¬† Our C.O. F.Captain Jay Gallops, Our E.O. Captain Peggy Moshell, Ship’s Counselor Lt. J.G. Michelle Moore, Chief of Sciences Lt. J.G. Tom Moore, & Regular Crew Members: Orey Kimbler, Steve Wise, Mark Wright , & Luci Smith.

The MooresCaptain GallopsOrey KimblerLuci Smith

For the full Captain’s Chair gallery see the Festival on the Green 2013 Gallery.

March 1st: Monthly Guild Meeting
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On March 1st, the U.S.S. Continuum had its monthly guild meeting at the Village Inn.  This was my second monthly meeting and going off discussions after the first monthly meeting and things spoken about in between meetings РI took the initiative to acquire us a Livestream account and livestreamed the audio portion of the meeting.  It seemed to go well.  I also took audio recording of the meeting which is currently on my laptop.  I will edit it and included it at the bottom of this summary later this week.

It was once again crowded, we honestly did not have enough room for everyone and it was difficult to find places to plug in our computers.  Jay, the C.O., ended up sitting at the end and I beside him to run the operations of the recording of the meeting and livestreaming it.  It is now possible to listen to the entire meeting on Livestream at www.livestream.com/usscontinuum

Events coming up this month:

  • Game Night on March 8th, 2013 at 6 p.m at Bobe’s Hobby House.
  • Night of Nature on March 8th at 6 p.m. at the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center in Cantonment.
  • Charity Day on March 9th, 2013 at Noon at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Bowling Fundraiser Meeting on March 9th at 4:00 p.m. at Cordova Lanes
  • Ten Forward on March 18th, 2013 at O’Charlies
  • Starfleet Display Board Workshop on March 27th, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Kat Cline’s

Major Events this month:

  • Region 2 Starfleet Meetings – March 8th through March 10th in Shoals, Alabama
  • MegaCon – March 15th through March 17th in Orlando, Florida

Not going on this month – Movie night declined for the moment; Putt-putt which was rained out last month is rescheduled for April

Coming up in April: Operations Meeting; Festival on the Green; Star Trek Viewing at the Library; Yuri’s Night; Charity Day; Homeschool Presentation; Star Trek – One Night only Movie Presentation at the Bayou 15; & Putt-Putt Tournament

U.S.S. Continuum Livestream Meetings
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We have successfully enabled Livestream Meetings.¬† Join us via the web each first Friday of the month for our monthly operations meeting, even if you aren’t able to come in person.¬† Missed a meeting?¬† From March 1st, 2013 – You can now listen to our meetings on demand!¬† Regular Events and Socials still only available by you coming in person.

Watch live streaming video from usscontinuum at livestream.com

Ship Elections 2011
Ship Elections 2011 avatar

Two special meetings pertaining to this year’s¬†Continuum¬†elections have been scheduled for Friday, October 21 and Saturday, November 19.

At 7 p.m., October 21, we will be meeting in the back room at the Village Inn outside of Cordova Mall, 5170 N 9th Ave, Pensacola. ¬†Here, we will be nominating and hearing from candidates for the Commanding Officer position. ¬†(The room is reserved under the name “USS Continuum“).

At 10 a.m., November 19, we will be meeting at the Geology Lab at Pensacola State College, Main Campus, 1000 College Blvd, Pensacola. ¬†The Lab is¬†located¬†at Building 21, the same building as the Planetarium. ¬†This meeting will consist of the nomination and speeches of the remaining members of the Command Department — the Executive Officer, Second Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Counselor. ¬†Department members will also elect their respective Department Heads.

Elections for all Continuum Command Staff positions (Command Department and Department Heads) will be at the November 19th meeting.  In order to vote for any and all Command Department positions, one must be a current member in good standing of the Continuum and of STARFLEET.  To vote in Department elections, one needs to be a member of the Continuum and requested to be in that department.

Yard Sale
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Come support the Continuum as we have our yard sale starting at 7 a.m. this coming Saturday, November 13 at 6468 Walnut St in Milton. ¬†(Sorry, no “early birds” please). ¬†We’ll have a lot of inexpensive items — clothing, books, electronics, household items, furniture and more.