2017 Award Winners and Promotions
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The crew at the Anniversary Dinner

The crew at our Anniversary Dinner of our commissioning, Dec 15, 2017, at PoFolks.  From L-R: Peggy Moshell, Lynette Bason, DJ O’Brien, James Rivazfar, Crystal Wark, Sandy Dolan, Don Villines, Dan Ditto (aka “Santa”), Gwen Conover, Lori Holdberg, Donna Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Jay Gallops, Connie Fleming, Trip Wallace, Ricky Wallace, and Dorothy Wallace. 

Every year, in December, USS Continuum crew gets together to celebrate the anniversary of our commissioning as a chapter of STARFLEET.  Prior to the event, our Command Staff discusses amongst itself ship annual awards and promotions.

Back on December 15, as we celebrated our 24th anniversary, awards were presented to:

  • Gwen Conover, Scholastic Achievement
  • Paul Jacobs, Artistic Accomplishment Award
  • Connie Fleming, Humanitarian of the Award
  • Ricky Wallace, Rising Star Award
  • Trip Wallace, Cadet of the Year
  • Don Villines, Enlisted Crewmember of the Year
  • Paul Jacobs, Officer of the Year

Official Commendations were also presented to Lynette Bason, Jamie Heath, and Fran Smith.

Promotions were presented to:

  • Dan Ditto to Crewman Apprentice
  • Fran Smith to Crewman Apprentice 
  • Dorothy Wallace to Lieutenant, junior grade
  • Ricky Wallace to Lieutenant, junior grade
  • Lynette Bason to Lieutenant
  • Paul Jacobs to Lieutenant Commander

Congratulations to all award winners and promotion recipients.  

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Jay has been the Commanding Officer of the USS Continuum since January 2010.
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