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From SFI.org :

Are you an aspiring Star Trek fan fiction author? Do you enjoy writing Star Trek fan fiction and would like to share your work with your friends in STARFLEET? Well, now you can!Back by popular demand is the Short Story Contest! So many of you had a great time with it in 2009 that we decided to make it happen again in 2010 and give all of our budding authors a chance to share their work.

We haven’t announced the opening of the Short Story Contest earlier as we wanted to get through the final talks of who would be our Guest Judge, and we’ve only finalized that very recently.The Guest Judge for the 2010 STARFLEET Short Story Contest will be none other than accomplished author and script writer D.C. Fontana.

Ms. Fontana is known for some of the best episodes of classic Star Trek, such as “The Way to Eden”, “The Enterprise Incident” and “The Ultimate Computer”; Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “Heart of Glory”, “Too Short a Season” and “The Naked Now”; the Deep Space Nine episode “Dax”; and, most recently, the Star Trek: New Voyages webisode “To Serve All My Days”.

Submissions are going to be accepted slightly differently this year than they had been last year – this year authors are going to be required to submit their contest entries to the all-new STARFLEET Fiction Archive, available on the World Wide Web at:

http://fiction.sfi.org/   ……..

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