10 years of Star Trek: Enterprise
10 years of Star Trek: Enterprise avatar

While the 45th anniversary of the Original Series might have taken precedence for all things Trek in 2011, this year — even this month — marks another major anniversary for another series.  Exactly ten years ago today, Enterprise (as it was simply known back then) premiered on the United Paramount Network.

Unfortunately, the series would only last for four seasons before being cancelled because of low ratings.  There has long since been speculation as to what was specifically was the series’ main problem.  Maybe there was an over-saturation of Star Trek at the time and the public (and eventually UPN) got to the point where they didn’t care anymore.  Maybe there were too many fans eager to get back to the 24th century Alpha Quadrant after Voyager that they weren’t ready to jump back 200 years.   Maybe too many fans had their own ideas about the origins of Federation, and they felt Enterprise violated those ideas.

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