10 topics for discussion at our September 6 meeting
10 topics for discussion at our September 6 meeting avatar

Every once in a while, the crew of the USS Continuum finds itself in the midst of a busy time.  Calendars are jammed full of events — celebrations, appearances, and our preparations for it all!  Well, fall 2017 is certainly one of those experiences as we look to close out this year and get ready for the next.  Here’s what you need to know in preparation for Wednesday’s meeting.

  1. “The End of Summer Party” with the USS Jubilee.  The Continuum has been spending a fair amount of time with its sister chapters as of late, and next Saturday, we continue that with the Jubilee’s “End of Summer” party.  We’ll be sharing a potluck dinner as we play games and watch The Wrath of Khan together.USS Jubilee logo
  2. Display Workshops.  The following weekend will find us returning to our displays, namely our Helm/Navigation console and Transporter Pad and console.  There’s a few long overdue touch-ups we’re looking to add to give this displays a more authentic feel (which will include some cool electronic lights and sounds. 🙂 ).Lyn, Dorothy, and Connie painting the Helm/Nav console
  3. What to do about The Orville?  There’s no plans about getting together to watch Seth McFarlane’s new Star Trek-inspired comedy, The Orville, on Sunday, September 10, but that doesn’t mean they’re can’t be.The Orville logo
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Premiere Party. We’ll be socializing with our other sister chapter, the USS Harry Mudd of Milton, as we celebrate the arrival of the new series, Star Trek: Discovery, with an exclusive premiere party on Sunday, September 24!  (Continuum members: you’ve got to RSVP by Sunday the 17th to get in on the fun).Star Trek Discovery logo
  5. “The Enterprise @ The Airport.”  The first of two events on Thursday, September 28, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the day it all began back in 1987.  Continuum crew members will be at Pensacola International Airport from 9 am to noon with plenty of photo opportunities.  You can also get a free picture featuring yourself on the Enterprise-D bridge with Captain Picard’s crew.TNG bridge crew
  6. TNG: the 30th Anniversary Celebration.  We’ll be continuing our celebration with an evening meal as we remember the seven seasons and four feature films of Trek’s first spin-off.DJ, Peggy, Gwen, Lyn, Connie, David, Jay, and Paul giving the Vulcan salute as while eating at McGuire's
  7.  Upcoming appearances.  Quest-Con, Barktoberfest, and others TBA.  Where will you see the USS Continuum next?
      quest-con logo      pensacola humane society barktoberfest 2017 logo with dogs
  8. Upcoming ship elections.  At the end of every odd-numbered year, Continuum members hold ship elections for our top five officers.  We’ll be looking at who plans to run and for what positions for the years 2018-2019.star trek original series insignias - red, blue, and yellow backgrounds
  9. Anniversary Dinner.  Every December, we celebrate the anniversary of our chapter’s commissioning.  We’ll be looking at possible dates and locations for this year’s event.  The event also serves as our promotion and award ceremony and holiday party.
    2014 Anniversary Dinner at McGuires - group pic
  10. Our website and other social media.  The Continuum is looking to expand our presence on the web with more writers and more updates.  Look for further updates on upcoming events, recaps on previous ones, reviews of Discovery and The Orville, and our memories of The Next Generation in future posts.

Of course, all of this will depend on whether or not Irma decides to crash our party.  And I didn’t even list our plans for 2018 as we probably won’t even have time to discuss them.  (The 25th Anniversary of Deep Space Nine… the 25th Anniversary of the USS Continuum!…  Finishing the next display — The Guardian of Forever!  [We have a cool idea as to where we’re going to put that one.  More details to follow].  More community service… More science-related events…)

The crew socializing with a meal

A busy time but a great time to be a member of the USS Continuum!  We’re really hoping that you’ll join us and add to the discussion.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Star Trek fan, what’s your favorite series, or how many collectibles you have.  The Continuum exists to connect with other fans, and we hope that you’ll join us.

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